DreamTours By-The-Sea saves the day!

What?? Seriously no heels allowed?

Absolutely. Heels are not permitted in Carmel-by-the-sea. This law was introduced in the 1920s: Heels over two inches are not permitted.

One of our recent tour groups were horrified at the idea. They were a fashion conscious, well-dressed and sophisticated group of ladies. Nobody had told them about this quirky rule and they certainly hadn’t packed for their trip with this in mind. They had plans to dress up and dance the night away, heels and all. What to do? Before continuing their tour wine tasting and exploring Carmel, DreamTours By-The-Sea Voyage saved the day and brought the entire group to city hall to pick up permits! Phew…what a relief. These fashionable ladies continued their trip in style and can now wear heels whenever it pleases them in Carmel-by-the-sea. They also have a very unique souvenir to bring home.